New Position!

Grassroots Kettlebell League have appointed me as their Scottish Representative! I’m so excited to help spread the KB ❤️, get new lifters on the platform and further the movement from North of the Border.

So far since the movement begun in April 2016, 82 people from across the UK have taken part in the Triathlons. Of the 82, 15 have signed up to the April to March Grassroots League… it only costs a fiver and we need you for it to work!!  Sign Up Here… every entry counts, the more entries, the bigger the events and the bigger prizes – we would love to culminate the first season with a Grand Final!

So far for Alba’s Grassroots Triathlon on 21st August 2016 there are lifters signed up from Aberdeenshire, Clackmannanshire, Falkirk, Fife, Lothians, Moray & Stirlingshire… And the guys will be up from Yorkshire too! Click on the event and submit your booking form to get some platform practice in or make your debut. There’s an event page on Facebook too!

Next Grassroots Comps… 7th August, Nottingham Kettlebell Club / 21st August, Alba Kettlebell Clan (Stirling) / 28th August, BigKat (Harrogate) / 11th September, Stevenage Kettlebell Club.

Several more dates to be confirmed in the UK, from Buckie to Cornwall and everywhere in between!


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