Alba Introduction to Kettlebells 3.7.16

Absolutely over the moon with how well today went, so happy to introduce more like-minded individuals to our wee niche community, it’s crazy but it’s fabulous!

The 90 minutes flew in… we begun with an introduction, warm up and then illustrated the extent of the range of different aspects by demoing a short Kettlebell Sport set incorporating various techniques. We then covered the swing, rack, clean and press (strict and push) and then the long cycle press before delving into the depths of snatch (half and full).

The group were then eager to put their newly learned technique to use and we incorporated what we’d covered into a 16 minute interval fitness set. The temperatures were raised by that point and the interest heightened.

Some of the feedback from today’s new lifters –

“I’ve always integrated some form of kettlebells into workouts so it’s great to also see it from a competition side of things. It’s really intrigued me. The crowd were all good too!”

“I found it really helpful the way you went over the technique. I’m really looking forward to the next class! Thanks for having me, I loved it, can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

“I absolutely loved it, it didn’t feel like I was working out…although my body is telling me different now! Really got the buzz for it now.”

“I loved it, it was excellent, I’ve even had a shot of my own kettlebell when I went home.”

“Today was really good, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to doing kettlebells regularly.”

Watch this space, so excited to see where your new sport takes you all…


Lift, then lift some more.


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