Grassroots Kettlebell League

Upcoming Grassroots Competitions  // 25th February Hazelwood KBs Rothes // 

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“Our mission is to promote, encourage and facilitate entry level Kettlebell Sport”

The Grassroots movement is the Sunday League style calendar of KB comps. It was created in 2016 by a group of small gym owners from Yorkshire…Chris, Nick and Dave who are all Kettlebell Athletes of course! Chris and Nick are also current OKSE Team England members. Alba Kettlebell Clan’s Jay Goodwillie is the Scottish Representative of the Grassroots Kettlebell League.

The guys wanted to have more frequent smaller scale competitions that would attract new lifters – given that 10 minute sets may be quite daunting to those who have never experienced the platform before! It was initially going to be a Yorkshire thing but the 5 minute triathlons were so popular that they quickly proliferated throughout the UK!

From left to right:

Chris Guyll: Is the owner of BigKat in Harrogate. Chris comes from a background of Thai Boxing and has been competing since around 2014, including at the IUKL European Championships in Poland in May ’16 and has also qualified for OKSE Team England 2016.

Nick Johnson: Head Coach at Hull Kettlebell Club. Nick started Kettlebell Sport around 2014. In his first year in the sport he won the GSU Men’s Biathlon League, in his second year he was selected for OKSE Team England at the IUKL Kettlebell World Championships coming 4th in his category and ranked 14th in the world according IUKL results tables.

Dave Moore: Is the owner of Dominus Strength & Conditioning in York. Dave has been competing in Kettlebells since around 2014 after taking up the sport to take control of his health.

Contact us at any time, leave a question/comment below or click the link to find out more…

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Further info:

For the Grassroots Kettlebell Triathlon you can enter into one of two categories – “Advanced” or “Beginner”.

For now the criteria for entering as an Advanced lifter is that you have Ranked 1 or above at any GSU/OKSE/IUKL competition (in any discipline). That is – officially having ranked by being assessed.

If you have completed the requirement for Rank 1 or above at home/club etc and have not been assessed and passed – then you cannot enter Advanced category unless the below applies:

You have scored over 1081 for males or 721 for females in Pentathlon. This includes previous WKC and IKFF as well as friendly Pentathlons. Again the Pentathlon must have been at a competition and not at home/club.

There are no body weight categories.

Both males and females have the choice of singles in Jerk and LongCycle.

Milestone Markers

We award lifters with Certificates of Achievement at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Grassroots Female 2000/2500/3500, Grassroots Male 2500/3000/4000, Experienced Female 3000/3500/5000 and Experienced Male 4000/5000/7000.

 Scoring system…


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