Ivan Denisov Seminar & KetAcademy Certification 22/23 Oct ’16

See Ivan in action here!



^ 14 of our 15 attendees (October 22-23, 2016).


^ White Nights 2016; The 11th leg of the World kettlebell Grand Prix series 2016, held in St. Petersburg, Russia (May 27-29, 2016).



We were honoured to host a 2-day Kettlebell Sport Seminar with none other than Ivan Denisov, Honoured Master of Sport, Absolute World Record Holder and 9 x World Champion (made his 10th the weekend after!).

5 of our attendees achieved their KetAcademy Level 2 Kettlebell Sport Instructor Certification.

Level 2 Certification

Of those who are still to undertake the practical part of your certification for the Kettlebell Sport Instructor Level 2 the requirements can be seen below. You have 3 months from 23rd October 2016 to submit your video for ranking. Please contact us to arrange the submission to KetAcademy.


Practical test: Rank I from KETACADEMY ranking table, athlete can choose any exercise (one exercise: LC, Jerk only, Snatch only) (5 or 10 min lifts)

Theoretical test: 30 questions about methodology and technique of KB sport, basic fitness knowledge and KB Sport training programming.

5min lifts from new table are live now for certification purposes.

One Double LC, One Double Jerk – one point.
One Snatch is 1/2 point unless Snatch only.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

Tables for Rank…


Can women attempt their Rank 1 on doubles?

Yes, in either 5 or 10 minutes. Please see the above table.

Are the test sets 5 or 10 minutes for males?

Yes, 5 or 10 minutes. Reps are according to the tables above, more rpm in 5 min than 10 etc.

Is it 2 points for double bells?

No, 1 point per rep on double bells.

Is it any bell size?

Yes, as long as you can hit Rank 1 with the weight. Eg male Jerk, 5 min sets start at 20kg, 10 min sets start at 16kg. Therefore, 16kg Jerk you would have to hit the reps for 10min set eg 150-180 reps depending on weight.


2 thoughts on “Ivan Denisov Seminar & KetAcademy Certification 22/23 Oct ’16

  1. For those still to attain Rank I for their Level 2 Qualification you have until the 23rd February 2017 to have me submit your video to ID for assessment.


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