Grassroots Triathlons Club Results

A very successful year so far for Alba in first season of the Grassroots Triathlons! 

We’ve had Paisley on 24th April, Edinburgh on 26th June, our own on 21st August, Buckie 9th October and Troon 11th December.

Our competition on 21st August was a debut for Dawn, Robert and Paul where Paul earned himself Silver medals for all 3 lifts as well as Silver overall for Grassroots male category. Scores of 493, 521 and 666 respectively. Cracking scores guys!

Buckie saw Cat take to the platform for the very first time with an awesome score of 389.5 which has since increased to a PB of 438 in Troon. Jay came second of 8 experienced lifters at Buckie.

In Troon Seonagh battled the nerves and made her debut scoring a fab 257 and making the 8s look waaay too light. Paul picked up Silver for LongCycle with 56 reps of 2x14kg. Robert hit a PB with 764, Paul with 786, Jay with 851 and Neil (who finally took the leap) blew his training scores out the water with a PB of 854. Carys and Haydn who are 6 and 4 also got up there and showed us all how it’s done!!

Total scores so far Jay 4028, Cat 828, Dawn 493, Seonagh 257, Carys 44. Paul 2139, Robert 1869, Neil 854, Haydn 26.

That takes us to a club total of  10,538. Awesome work and progress from everyone, keep battling! Looking forward to seeing you all progress in 2017 and getting more of you up on that platform. Go Team Alba!

Score charts for those who have competed more than once so far can be viewed below… 


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