New UK Records Confirmed

You might remember 7 of the team competed at the GSU British in December… We’d just like to say a huge congratulations to the lifters who in addition to their 10 minute sets, broke UK Records!

Well done you 3!!! 🎉🏆🌟💥🎊

Jodi Duffin 2x12kg Overall and 68kg+ Jerk: 135 (2 records)

Katie Hunter 2x8kg Overall Biathlon, Jerk & Snatch, 68kg+ Biathlon, Jerk & Snatch: 144j + 252sn (6 records)

Morag McAllister Vet 2x8kg 68kg+ Biathlon and Jerk: 122j + 194sn (2 records)

@⁨Jodi Duffin⁩

@⁨Morag McAllister⁩

@⁨Katie⁩ Hunter

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