Cali Open / WAKSC World Championship 22-25 Feb 2018

SO! We have just finished competing at the competition held over 3 days and hosted by WAKSC and Orange Kettlebell Club in Costa Mesa, California!

Final results from the Cali Open / WAKSC Worlds 18 as follows:-

Robert 2x16kg TALC, 73 reps (+6 pr) bronze medal 🥉

Jay 2x12kg TALC, 104 reps, first time, gold medal 🥇

Robert 2x16kg Biathlon, 88 Jerks (+7 pr), 167 Snatch (+8 pr), gold medal 🥇- 171.5 points total

Jay 2x16kg Biathlon, 95 Jerks (+2 pr), 177 Snatch (+19 pr), gold medal 🥇 – 183.5 points total

Over the moon! What an experience!

This weekend was out of this world, great to meet so many likeminded people, catch up with friends and lift next to such amazing sportspeople. Can’t explain how special it is to be a part of this community, you meet people from all over the world who, even if they haven’t even really spoken to you will cheer you on throughout your set, whilst you’re enduring that mental dialogue, through the highs and lows, because they know exactly how it feels and how this crazy but awesome sport is! This sport changes your life!

Next up is the National Team Qualifiers in March, the GSU Welsh in April, the first WKSF Worlds in Milan in June and then will be hosting the GSU Scottish which is also part of the Women’s Int’l Championship in August (also the Int’l Kettlebell Summit) in Stirling. Exciting times ahead.

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