Alba Introduction to Kettlebells 15th October 2017

Come along to Alba’s Kettlebell workshop – this is aimed at beginners.

If you haven’t lifted before we recommend you attend this introductory class… You should complete an induction before coming along to our regular Wednesday, Friday and Sunday classes.

We will start at the very beginning… teaching technique from the foundations up – Rack, Swing, Clean, Press, Push Press, Half-Snatch. More advanced technique will be taught at later – Snatch, Jerk, LongCycle etc. After learning the technique you can join in and put them to use with our regular fitness class and it’s attendees.

We will give you information on the opportunities that joining Kettlebells can open up to you.

We’re hopeful that this 2 hour class will give you the bug!! The one that wants you to continue on to regular Kettlebell Fitness and/or Kettlebell Sport.

Come along and join this fabulous and ever expanding community. It’s still a niche sport and there is so much more to this ancient Russian tool than most people know (they’re great fitness techniques of course) so come along – we wanna tell you all about it!

Not only get and stay fit with this cardio/strength exercise but potentially branch out into competing down the line and what’s more meet a great bunch of like minded people and have fun! And all at a welcoming and convenient location.

Places are £9.00 – fine to pay on the day. Please sign up with the booking form on our booking system in any case.

Any questions let us know! SignUp Here!

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