Jodi makes Rank

The superstar that is Jodi Duffin received confirmation that she achieved her GSU Rank I with her first ever 16kg OALC set on 4th February in Rushden at the English Championship. 100 reps !!! Way to go Jodi. Excited to see what’s next on your kettlebell journey. Proud to have you as a member of […]

Seonagh’s Year Journey

    An advert on Facebook giving details of an Introduction to Kettlebells class caught my eye and I thought, why not give it a try? I struggle with confidence and self esteem, but Sunday 30th October 2016 saw me take a massive step out of my comfort zone as I entered a gym where […]

Alba Introduction to Kettlebells 15th October 2017

Come along to Alba’s Kettlebell workshop – this is aimed at beginners. If you haven’t lifted before we recommend you attend this introductory class… You should complete an induction before coming along to our regular Wednesday, Friday and Sunday classes. We will start at the very beginning… teaching technique from the foundations up – Rack, Swing, Clean, […]

FVKB Snatch Marathon and Rhi-Lay

What a spectacular event for our sport today at Falkirk’s Kelpies! A charity snatch marathon / relay hosted by our friends over at Forth Valley Kettlebells and their coach Niall MacKinnon (who actually introduced me to kettlebells – TY!). This event was to raise awareness and funds for Falkirk District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH). ^ […]

New Position!

Grassroots Kettlebell League have appointed me as their Scottish Representative! I’m so excited to help spread the KB ❤️, get new lifters on the platform and further the movement from North of the Border. So far since the movement begun in April 2016, 82 people from across the UK have taken part in the Triathlons. […]

Alba Introduction to Kettlebells 3.7.16

Absolutely over the moon with how well today went, so happy to introduce more like-minded individuals to our wee niche community, it’s crazy but it’s fabulous! The 90 minutes flew in… we begun with an introduction, warm up and then illustrated the extent of the range of different aspects by demoing a short Kettlebell Sport […]